Friday, November 30, 2007


The virtual investment game; Bursapursuit was ended 30-11-2007.

The top gainer was 'Tiger Chan', age 57, Remiser with total value of RM1,107,600.74. 2nd top player also achieved RM 1,032,293.90. They make 4 folds from starting capital RM250,000. Well done. Congratulation!

There are total 43,092 people were register the game. There are 28% players are not active. The statistic below is ignored the non-active player.

There are 23% players were recorded gain (>RM250,000) at end of game. Only 0.66% players can make more than RM500,000. Then 2.44% players recorded 20% gain, 20% player gain less than 20%.

However, total 77% players were losing their investment. there were 20% player lost more than 20% of their capital.

(if you interest the full data, pls drop me a message. I will send you the data.)

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