Tuesday, June 18, 2013

IHH Healthcare Berhad

IHH (5225)

IHH is largest healthcare provider in Asia. Its segments include Hospital, Healthcare, and Education. Dual listing in Malaysia and Singapore dated 25 Jul 2012.

Below are performance of IHH in KLSE and SGX, approximate 40% since IPO price.

Friday, June 14, 2013

BJFOOD: Roster Chicken + Coffee + Jollibean

BJFOOD (5196)

Berjaya Food Berhad is a food chain in Malaysia, holds the master franchisee for brand Kenny Rogers Roasters, Starbuck and Jollibean.

BJFOOD is a growing company and listed in Bursa Malaysia in year 2011. Revenue and Profit After Tax (PAT) is grew 2.8 folded is past  six years.

The share price is up 350% from IPO @0.51. In the same year, the company raise fund by issue (4) Rights together with (4) Warrant for every (5) existing ordinary shares.

This year is fruitful year for BJFOOD after acquired 50% equity of Starbuck. Net profit jumps 71% year to year.

Share price is overvalued based on its revenue and PAT.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


OLDTOWN (5201)

White Coffee manufacturer with coffee store chain. (旧街场白咖啡) is the largest kopitiam restaurant chain in Malaysia. The company founded in 1999 at Ipoh, Perak.

OLDTOWN is a rapid growing as per reflected in Revenue and Profit After Tax (PAT). The revenue and PAT are four folded from past six year ago. 

The share price grew 83% in past two years. However, growth with 41% in PAT past two years, its share price is not in line with its business growth.

PWROOT (7237)

Another local brand coffee manufacturer. The company founded in 1999 at Johor Bahru. A few successful product such as Alicafe and Perl's cafe. Recently (in year 2012) launch a new product "Ah Huat White Coffee".

PWROOT is also a growing company. Revenue grew 56% (from 2008) and PAT drop 12% compare year 2008, however PAT is 3.5 folded when compare to year 2009. 

The share price is surge 240% in past two years, in line to its PAT growth of 2.8 folded.

It seem OLDTOWN is overvalued. PWROOT is in-line.

Update 18 Jun 2013:
OLDTOWN offer opportunity for global franchise.