Friday, January 30, 2015

Facebook 4Q2014

Facebook (FB) has reported 0.54 EPS and 3,851 revenue for FQ4 2014.
Wall Street Consensus0.493,790
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› FB Reported Earnings0.543,851


  • Facebook's (NASDAQ:FB) ad revenue rose 53% Y/Y in Q4 to $3.85B; growth was 64% in Q3. Payments/other fees revenue rose 7% to $257M, after growing 13% in Q3.
  • Mobile was 69% of ad revenue vs. 66% in Q3 and 62% in Q2. Ad growth would've been 58% if not for forex.
  • Monthly active users (MAUs) rose 3% Q/Q and 13% Y/Y to 1.39B, and mobile MAUs 6% Q/Q and 26% Y/Y to 1.19B. Daily active users (890M) were 64% of MAUs, even with Q3.
  • Non-GAAP costs/expenses rose 50% Y/Y to $1.63B, nearly even with revenue growth of 49%. Non-GAAP op. margin was an eye-popping 58%. On a GAAP basis, costs/expenses were up 87% to $2.72B.
  • Full-year free cash flow was $3.63B, soundly exceeding net income of $2.94B. Facebook ended Q4 with $11.2B in cash/marketable securities, and no debt.
  • FB nearly unchanged AH for now. Q4 resul
  • CFO Dave Wehner notes forex is expected to have a 5% impact on 2015 revenue growth. International markets produced 52% of Q4 revenue, with Europe making up 27%.
  • Mark Zuckerberg states Facebook has indexed a trillion posts for search, and is just beginning to build out effective search tools for combing this material. The company is a month removed from overhauling its search engine and dumping Bing.
  • Other details: 1) Though PC traffic was down due to the mobile shift, PC ad sales rose 1%. 2) Game-related payments revenue fell 10%, even as total payments/fees revenue grew 7%. 3) Zuck states average daily time spent per user is up 10% Y/Y, and that 2B+ photos are now shared daily on Facebook. 4) ARPU rose to $2.81 from $2.14 a year ago. North American ARPU was $9.00.


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