Saturday, October 13, 2007

Average Daily Turnover

Bursa Malaysia announced third quarter period ended 30 September 2007 result net profit more than double (jump 123%) to RM56 million recorded for the corresponding period in the previous year.

Singapore Exchange also record highest quarterly net profit SGD$130 million which represents a 173% growth as compared to the corresponding period ended 30 September 2007.

Above show average daily turnover of quarter which ended 30 September 2007 of few Asian market. The average daily turnover in KLSE has growth 145% as compared to the corresponding period. The average turnover of Singapore also improved 86% for corresponding period. However, Heng Seng was showing big jump more than 500% of average daily turnover in the period. Hong Kong Exchange will announce the third quarter result on 14 November 2007. No doubt that , it will be few folds of its net profit.

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