Thursday, July 30, 2015

Facebook 2Q2015

"1.49 billion people are now part of our community." Said Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook,
"In 1876, the year the first telephone call was made, around 1.49 billion people were alive.
With each generation, the world is growing closer together. One day our community will connect everyone. Thank you for being a part of our mission and our community."


Facebook (FB) has reported 0.50 EPS and 4,042 revenue for FQ2 2015.
Wall Street Consensus0.473,994
Estimize Consensus 
448 estimates
› FB Reported Earnings0.504,042


  • With shares up 24% YTD going into earnings, high expectations are weighing on Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) following its Q2 beat.
  • MAUs/DAUs: Monthly active users rose 3% Q/Q and 13% Y/Y to 1.49B. Daily active users rose 3% Q/Q and 17% Y/Y to 968M. Mobile MAUs rose 5% Q/Q and 23% Y/Y to 1.31B. Mobile-only MAUs rose 13% Q/Q and 64% Y/Y to 655M (now 44% of total MAUs).
  • Top-line performance: Ad revenue (affected by forex) rose 43% Y/Y to $3.83B, after growing 46% in Q1. Payments/other fees revenue (hurt by lower PC gaming activity) fell 8% to $215M. Mobile was 76% of ad revenue vs. 73% in Q1 and 62% a year ago. North America accounted for 49% of revenue. Global ARPU rose to $2.76 from $2.50 in Q1 and $2.24 a year ago; North American ARPU was $9.30.
  • Financials: Op. margin (pressured by heavy spending) was 55% vs. 52% in Q1 and 60% a year ago. R&D spend was 29% of revenue vs. 17% a year ago (15% related to stock compensation), sales/marketing 15% vs. 12%, G&A 8% vs. 7%, and cost of revenue 17% vs. 16% (83% gross margin). $549M was spent on capex, and free cash flow was $1.33B (slightly below net income of $1.44B). Facebook ended Q2 with $14.1B in cash/investments, and no debt.
  • Shares are at $94.64 in AH trading.
  • Q2 results, PR, slides (.pdf)


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